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Fastest in the Industry

SocksQuick was created to provide a solution in the Team Dealer market. With just a two-week turnaround on providing high-quality custom performance socks, SocksQuick has quickly solidified ourselves as the highest performing hosiery manufacturer in the industry. Custom team socks must be delivered before the season, and many of our competitors are unable to achieve this for the clients they manufacture for.

Proudly made in the USA

With our own manufacturing plant located in the former sock capital of the world, Fort Payne, Alabama, we have complete control over every order. Using our team of 30 employees with over 500 years of experience in the hosiery industry, we are able to outperform other sock manufacturers. As much of the sock manufacturing business has went overseas, SocksQuick has been able to keep the industry alive in the United States with our strategic marketing.

Filling any need

Through research and development, we have modified our compression athletic socks to be sport-specific, or ready for any occasion. As a custom sock manufacturer, we are able to do knit-in logos, text, and anything else that our customers need. Our socks are moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and form-fitting. We manufacture custom socks in various sizes as performance socks are meant to match to shoe sizes. SocksQuick does not charge extra for additional designs, logos, or text, as our price is all-inclusive for our clients.

How we can make your business better

We specialize in private label branding for socks, as we are able to disguise ourselves, and promote your company, while we manufacture socks for your customers. We provide custom sock marketing materials with your companies’ branding, enabling any business to have their own custom sock program - and deliver socks in just two weeks - the quickest in the industry. Custom mockup designs for the end user showing what their socks will look like, a custom branded catalog, and other branding is provided for our customers. Using these tools, our clients are able to outperform their sock competitors, and retain clients who order from them through holding this competitive advantage. Custom sport socks are ordered annually before the season, making it easy timing to sell socks year after year. Let SocksQuick help make you successful in this steady industry. Contact us today for more information, so one of our experienced custom sock success account managers can help you and your company succeed in the custom sock manufacturing market.


Socks Quick